The modern day housekeeper for luxury homes

Posted by Steve Candland

June 16, 2018

The modern day housekeeper: What does the role actually entail?

If you look on Angela Mortimer’s private staffing jobs board you will see many seeking live in or live out housekeepers for their discerning clientele in luxury communities across the U.S. and in London. Most of these clients will have far better than average homes with a lifestyle with more stories than their modest 4 floored West Village home. The problem with having houses of grandeur is that they require constant maintenance from the aspect of cleanliness. It is extremely unlikely that the gentleman or lady of the household are going to put their social life on hold every Sunday to blitz their home armed to the teeth with mops, dusters and chemicals. Far from it…that is why the demand for housekeepers is such.

Housekeepers keep house, they are not always a deep cleaning service. This is why there are many additional duties than encompass the housekeeping role itself. Daily duties do of course include cleaning; and it’s worth pointing out that a good housekeeper will have knowledge regarding specific chemicals for specific surfaces but beyond the cleaning a housekeeper is be responsible for laundry duties such as washing and ironing moderately expensive clothes – so there is a risk factor present in terms of spoiling items of clothing. Running general errands such as trips to the supermarket to keep the principal’s pantry stocked is becoming commonplace for private housekeepers as well.

For many wealthy families it is highly likely they have one or two children. Housekeepers who accept a position with a family of whom have children should expect to be involved in various child-caring duties. There may be a resident nanny who has daily charge of the principal’s children but in circumstances where the nanny is not present, the housekeeper will more than likely be asked to deputise. If you like working with children then this is not too much of a problem.

The role of the modern day housekeeper has actually become so diverse that clients are now requesting housekeepers with skills other than childcare. Having culinary skills and a clean driver’s license go a long way when it comes to being appointed housekeeper, as you may just end up spending meal times in the kitchen and parts of your week behind the wheel running general errands or school runs.

For clients with large rural estates it is more common for them to employ domestic couples which traditionally means a man would undertake the more intensive manual tasks such as grounds-keeping and general maintenance of the estate whilst the woman attends to all housekeeping and interior duties. However, this is 2016 and the female of the species have broken the mold in terms of manual labor being a macho specialization. So females with relevant skills needn’t be concerned with merely being confined to the interior of the household. These domestic couple positions usually come with a rather handsome net salary as well as a self-contained cottage on the grounds of the estate itself.

The job market for housekeepers and domestic couples has always been strong. Housekeeper salaries have a wide range, but increasing employer’s are raising wages to ensure stability and commitment. But during the recession, dust still gathered, gardens still grew and the owners of luxury properties and estates of grandeur still needed domestic assistance.

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HIRING PRIVATE STAFF FOR YOUR HOME OR PERSONAL LIFE Housekeepers, Personal Assistants, Butlers, Estate and Property Managers, Companions

Posted by Steve Candland

June 6, 2018

IF YOU’VE NEVER HIRED private staffing before, the prospect can be a bit jarring. Whether you’re employing one staff for a single residence or a team for multiple homes, optimizing performance requires having, first and foremost, the right employee(s) and, secondly, a proper management approach.

The first step is to find a staffer who is best fit for your home and lifestyle. From personal assistant to housekeeper, estate manager, or private chef—any role requires some basic management and supervision techniques. Obtaining the highest-performing and most cost-effective solutions starts with a good job description and ongoing communication to review. Once you’ve found the right candidate, it’s critical to have an employment agreement and a confidentiality agreement in place. And for full-time employees, payroll in compliance with IRS and local tax withholdings is important.

This is where the Private Staff Group of Angela Mortimer Ltd. comes in. The company helps ensure clients’ privacy and confidentiality, which are more paramount than ever in today’s age of iPhones and social media outlets. Angela Mortimer will also consult with clients about proper pay rate, benefits, and total compensation. For example, a personal assistant’s compensation can range from $75,000 to $150,000. Finding the right salary for your employees starts with finding a balance between the market-place salary rates and your needs and standards.

Having the luxury of employing private staff is both a privilege to enhance your lifestyle and a responsibility to mange the performance versus expense. Once the right people are in place, homeowners can experience the best service, style and ambiance in all aspects of their lives- facilitated by workers in tune with their wishes.

To get there, it’s important to find candidates with the right skills, talent and employer references that vouch for their reliability. Angela Mortimer Ltd. views the process as one of evaluating chemistry, fit, skills, past experience, and future career aspirations to find the right employee for a solid, long-term relationship, not necessarily just the perfect resume.

Working with a recruiter like ANGELA MORTIMER LTD. involves a conversation to clarify the personality and talents of the ideal employee for each homeowner’s needs and expectations. Service, productivity, protection, and peace are the primary standards to hire, employ, and realize a great private staff relationship. That’s a tall order, but it’s much more easily navigated by a recruiter who will deploy a hiring plan, implement on-boarding and background checks, and find talent with a chemistry and fit for your family.

For further information: Stephen Candland 866-282-7729

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Executive Personal Assistant

Posted by Steve Candland

April 19, 2018

The Executive Personal Assistant is very often the first point of contact for vendors, service providers, and the million other types of people that try to contact you on a day-to-day basis. They are the buffer; the gate keepers and the people that are privy to the more personal side of your affairs. In this report, Angela Mortimer Ltd. will explore the role of the Executive Personal Assistant (“EPA”) and outline the essentials of hiring the correct EPA for your Family Office.

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Work Relationships - Executive Assistants

Posted by Steve Candland

April 11, 2018


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Reference Checking Executive Assistants

Posted by Steve Candland

April 10, 2018

Angela Mortimer Blog

Reference Checking 2.0

Reference Checking 2.0 breaks new ground by moving beyond unimaginative, close-ended questions that many candidates have prepared for, and moves beyond simplistic verification of prior employment. Today’s references use the intelligence we gather from social media sites to prepare for candidate interviews ahead of time. Obtaining reference feedback ahead of an interview helps tailor interview questions to dig in on a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses as identified by their managers and co-workers. Seek to uncover the true nature of a candidate’s performance at work, relying less on what they decide to share during the interview. Research shows that candidates are likely to embellish their past accomplishments, and are not likely to tell you about situations at work that did not turn out well for them.

Candidates are likely to encourage their references to cooperate fully and honestly with a process they personally approve of. Conversely, candidates who do not understand or trust the reference process are more likely to make more cautionary and potentially confounding introducition of references.

Reference checks should be gathered from whom the candidate works for, works with and perhaps even supervises. A full picture of the candidate’s behavior at work is essential to a correct hiring decision. The value of asking the right questions, of the right people, cannot be underestimated toward the accurate assessment of a candidate’s qualifications.

Past behavior is a very good predictor of future performance.

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Personal Assistant

Posted by Steve Candland

April 8, 2018

Duties, responsibilities and functions[edit]

An assistant helps with time and daily management, scheduling of meetings, correspondence, and note-taking. The role of a personal assistant can be varied, such as answering phone calls, taking notes, scheduling meetings, emailing, texts etc.

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Riding with a professional chauffeur

Posted by Steve Candland

April 3, 2018

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How do butlers deal with guests?

Posted by Steve Candland

April 2, 2018

All butlers surveyed stated that they look after day and overnight guests, although 25% said they rarely were required to do so.

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Household staff- protecting your art collection

Posted by Steve Candland

March 25, 2018

Taking care of your art collection protects its financial value

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Re-hire your best employees

Posted by Steve Candland

March 16, 2018


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