A Place Where You Can See Great Private Staffing in the Making

March 9, 2016

Recently, Angela Mortimer's Stephen Candland paid a visit to the Starkey International Institute for Household Management. We were honored to receive our invitation to the Starkey Mansion for the Starkey Annual dinner, which was prepared and served by current students. Indeed, we said students. People do not simply wake up one day and decide they are going to fill private staffing roles. To be great at what they do, they need proper training so that they may best serve their potential employers. At the Institute, they can expect extensive training with the utmost quality so that they are prepared to go out into the world and delight their prospective employers.

Attendees of the prestigious Colorado-based event included leaders of the Denver social, business, and arts communities. Nine courses of gourmet plates and superb service were at the height of formality. Mary’s co-host, Xavier is the head trainer of the butler school. His trainees were flawless in service and presentation.

Starkey International Institute for Household Management for great private staff

These are skills students picked up through their classes and experiential, hands-on learning that cannot be acquired from many other institutions. The courses are very focused, tailored specifically to meet the needs in the industry in order to render private staffing like no other. We learned firsthand how a domestic staffing agency, such as ourselves, would be wise to hand pick candidates from this type of a facility, as the skills were proven before our eyes. We feel that if the service impressed us, it will surely meet the standards of our clients.

The Starkey mission is to create a world-class Private Service industry in which Household Management, the Service Manager, the Personal Assistant, the Private Service Butler, and beyond are seen as an art form.  Continuing education and growth of private staffing are valued, and standards of professionalism are recognized, honored, and fortified.

The Starkey Institute is one of the leading trainers of home and estate solutions consultants with which domestic staffing agencies are pleased to collaborate. Mrs. Mary Louise Starkey is the primary founder of the U.S. household/estate management profession, and has been the torchbearer of private service and private staffing for over thirty years. She is often referred to as the “First Lady of Service!” As Starkey International was the first Institute for Household Management, they have really set the standard for the industry.

Angela Mortimer Ltd. is proud to represent Starkey trained service professionals, as we appreciate their investment in this world-class training. We also sincerely appreciated the invite and opportunity to connect!

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